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The National Teachers’ Institute was setup to serve as a Distant Learning Educational Institution..



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Four years of Professor Garba Dahuwa Azare at NTI

A documentary on Prof. Garba Dahuwa Azare’s Stewardship as the Director-General & Chief executive of the National Teachers Institute. (August 1st 2016-August 1, 2020) PART ONE

NTI News Bulletin: May-June 2020 bi-monthly Edition

NTI NEWS BULLETIN A PUBLICATION OF NATIONAL TEACHERS’ INSTITUTE, OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR GENERAL/CHIEF EXECUTIVE VOL. 1 No. 025, May-June 2020 bi-monthly Edition  HIGHLIGHTS 23,000 Nigerian Teachers Trained by SMASE in 10 Years—Says NTI SMASE Director: Page 1 NTI Management Directs Provision of Hygiene Materials to Staff: Page 3 Azare Approves Appointment of Acting NTI […]

NTI News Bulletin: March – April bi-monthly Edition

  A publication of National Teachers Institute, Office of the Director General/Chief Executive