Dr. D.O. Yaya

Director, Field Operations and Students  Services

Dr. Dele Yaya is the Director, Field Operations and Students’ Services. He oversees the administration and management of the 6 zonal and 37 state Offices as well as over 400 study centres across the country.  Since 1983 when he came into the employment of the Institute, Dr. Yaya had been Deputy Director (PRS), Asst./Deputy Director (Educational Technology). Pioneer Zonal Coordinator (South-South Zonal Office, Benin City), and State Coordinator, Edo/Delta and Imo/Abia/Ebonyi states. He began his career in NTI in 1983 as Education Officer/Course Writer in Education and Social Studies. Before joining the Institute, Dr. Yaya had served as Lecturer in Education at the College of Physical Education, Afuze and in Economics at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna where he did his NYSC.

Dr. Yaya holds the Ph.D in Educational Technology (May 2006); M.Ed. Teacher Education (with emphasis on Educational Technology), Sept. 1992; B.Sc. Education/Economics 1981; TC II June 1976; WASC 1974.  He is Chairman of various Committees including NTI ICT Committee, NTI SDGs Implementation Committee, etc.  Dr. Yaya is well travelled and has attended and made presentations in various workshops and conferences nationally and internationally.  He holds UK Open University OLNET Fellowship. He is the NTI Desk Officer for TESSA.  He is married and blessed with 4 children.