Comrade Adamu Musa, Ag. ACTU Chairman

From NTI-ACTU Chairman’s Desk

As part of its determination to team up with the NTI Management in sensitising its staff and students nationwide on the imperative of living and operating a corruption-free society, the NTI-ACTU , decided that henceforth, the Unit would from time-to-time share some thoughts with Bulletin, on some measures to be taken towards arriving at our destination.

In this maiden interaction with the Bulletin, the NTI-ACTU acting Chairman Comrade Adamu Musa, shared his thoughts on the “Challenges of integrity,’’ which  he believes is important in our journey towards building and promoting same among not only the NTI Family, but also among members of the public and the youths as future leaders of this great nation.

Musa told the Bulletin in an interview recently, that integrity entails being above board in all situations in life and the absence of which makes the way very slippery and stressed that any hope built on dishonesty leads to eventual loss.

“At the level of government , integrity stands for the amount of commitment to the moral and legal protection of the populace from exploitation ,” he said.

He explained that there are various forms of integrity which included, but not restricted to the following types: personal integrity; professional integrity; organizational integrity and societal integrity.

According to him, personal integrity entails credibility of the individual – how he relates with other people or  a  group  of people pointing out that it also refers to the state of being consistently trustworthy as an individual.

He explained  that professional integrity has to do with subscribing to professional values and standards saying: “Every profession has its ethical code. Professional integrity therefore simply means adhering to the ethics of one’s profession.”

“Organisational integrity is the form of integrity concerned with how organisations observe and promote their collective values  without debasing  the milieu in which they operate and ensure high quality of products and services, customer satisfaction and value for money for the end user,” he said.

Comrade Musa further explained that societal integrity refers to the strict observance of cultural ethos , beliefs and procedure, based on sound moral values devoid of corrupt tendencies.

The culture of giving gifts should not promote corruption ; chieftaincy titles must not be sold to the highest bidder; the society must recognise and encourage people with integrity as role models,”  he concluded.


Source: NTI News Bulletin Bi-Monthly Edition, June-July 2019 Vol.1 No.  19, Page 12

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